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About Help & Care, LLC

Our Mission is to help seniors live confidently and age gracefully in their own homes for as long as possible. We choose to make a positive difference in the lives of mature adults and their families who love them. The Help & Care, LLC team will perform its collective duties with confidence, concern, commitment, cheerfulness and care. We will treat every contact as a friend, every client as family and perform every task with honor.


Help & Care, LLC is a family-owned home care organization dedicated to helping you through a difficult time for your family – the realization that your loved one is struggling with the natural aging process and may require more help to stay in the home.

Who We Serve – Adults and Seniors:

  • choosing to remain in their homes, rather than opting for institutional care
  • needing assistance due to chronic disabilities
  • dealing with issues related to memory loss

Help & Care, LLC was founded in 2014 by Vassilina Breitbach and now, we have over 130 amazing Home Care Aides in Santa Clara county. All of them are our employees, and Help & Care, LLC is a licensed in-home care organization in California.

Help & Care employees are what makes our company great!

We have dedicated Home Care Aides who work whatever hours you need and deliver high-quality care 24/7. No matter what you are looking for in an in-home caregiver, we are certain that one or more of our employees will be a perfect match to your needs and schedule.

In addition to our employee caregivers, we have an efficient and dedicated office staff. At least one staff member is “on call” for our clients 24/7 so that both clients and employees can reach us if needed.

Vassilina Breitbach Founder, Managing Director

I am Vassilina Breitbach. As the Founder of Help & Care, LLC, I truly care about the elderly and I understand the role of family caregivers.

My love and respect for seniors began when I was 4 years old. We moved from Germany to Kazakhstan, where my grandmother lived. My parents worked a lot and were away from home very often. I spent much time with my grandma. We had a strong relationship. She has never been just my grandmother, but my friend, my guardian, my inspiration. She lived to be 85. She became ill, but stayed at home until she passed away surrounded by her family.

I began to think about helping seniors after my grandma’s death. Caring for someone you love is one of the best, but also one of the challenging phases in life. Although I never regretted what it took to care for her and keep her in her home, I do regret how it robbed us of quality time with her while she was alive. Our life is so busy – parents, spouses and children, full-time jobs, and other responsibilities – that sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. This is, spending time with our loved ones and letting them spend time with us.

I founded Help & Care, LLC for two reasons. One is to provide respite to family caregivers enabling them to realize actual quality time with their loved ones. The other is to assist the elderly with staying independent and enjoying that independence, for as long as possible. And to do so with spirit and pride which is so often lost when health and mobility begin to fade, and one must depend on others to care for them.

If you are a senior or a family caregiver, you can count on me and my staff to provide you with the best service and to be knowledgeable about the challenges that you face each day. We are here to help. That is what we are all about.

Markus Breitbach CEO

After more than 20 years of international corporate experience, with holding various senior positions overseas as well as in Silicon Valley, Markus decided to join his partner in life also on the professional side. Today, Markus Breitbach is the CEO at Help & Care, LLC.

Sabrina Valles – Administrative Manager

Sabrina Valles is the Administrative Manager at Help & Care, LLC. With a background in Restaurant Management and Customer Service, Sabrina is an expert multitasker who can keep many plates spinning while keeping clients happy. A quick learner and intuitive team player, Sabrina is willing to take on any task and complete it with flying colors. What she likes best about her job is being able to help others. Sabrina oversees the hiring, training and compliance of our employees working in the office and the field. She is responsible to ensure the office operates smoothly and is able to support our Home Care Aides in the field. She does this through the development and deployment of strong policies and procedures, training and coaching. She is also doing billing of long term care insurance. Whatever you need, Sabrina will be there, cheerfully doing her best to find a solution to the problem you are facing! Sabrina is an animal lover and has two rescue kitties and a rescue dog. An outdoor enthusiast, Sabrina enjoys hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, photography and designing. She is currently back in school, studying Real Estate.

Rodrigo RamosStaffing Coordinator

Rodrigo Ramos is the Scheduling Coordinator at Help & Care, LLC. Rodrigo is responsible for scheduling all client hours and communicating those schedules to the Home Care Aides. When a caregiver needs time off or a client needs to increase, decrease, or change their schedule, he manages those logistics and keeps everything running smoothly. Rodrigo was born in the Island of the Philippines and migrated to California in May of ‘94. He grew up with grandparents and an aunt who had a stroke and took care of her when in the Philippines. He spent most of his life in California and is currently living in Milpitas. Rodrigo has 8+ years of experience as a scheduler  and enjoys working with people from walks of life. He is passionate in helping seniors and those who are in need to find their caring caregivers. Rodrigo also has a daughter who is a State and National Tae Kwon Do Champ. He enjoys basketball,  Tae Kwon Do, hiking, travel, cooking, eating and shoe collecting.

Mustafa MojadidiHiring and Recruiting Manager

As our Hiring and Recruiting Manager, Mustafa Mojadidi (nick name Mus) is responsible for all aspects of caregiver recruitment, including screening, interviewing, hiring, and most importantly, retention. One of his primary goals is to ensure caregivers deliver the high-quality care that Help & Care, LLC prides itself on providing. He graduated from Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. He has 5 + years of experience working with different home care agencies around the Bay Area. He started as a Staffing Coordinator, and after 2 years of experience he was hired as a Staffing Manager. He enjoys using his Nursing and Staffing experience to recruit, hire, staff, and train our Home Care Aides. Some of his hobbies are traveling, hiking, and working out at the gym.

Jessica Williams Office Administrator

Jessica Williams joined the team in the spring of 2016 as our Office Administrator. She recently moved back home from New York after interning for a large advertising company in Manhattan. Jessica’s background in the restaurant industry gained her the ability to multitask under pressure and with a solid memory. Her main goal is to ensure Help & Care, LLC’s staff has everything they need so that the office can run as smooth as possible. Jessica provides administrative support to Sabrina. She is responsible for ensuring all paperwork for caregivers and VA clients are complete, updated and organized. She helps put together the envelopes for mailing and billing to make things faster for the office, and many other tasks. Outside of the office, Jessica is an avid reader and dancer. She is currently studying History at Evergreen College.