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Don’t just take our word for it — see what the rest of Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, San Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy are saying about Help & Care!

The Home Care Aide Wall of Fame located in our offices is dedicated to our caregivers.  It contains numerous testimonials from clients and commemorates our caregivers’ outstanding performances and dedication to helping others.

“It is my pleasure to be associated and work closely with Vassilina Breitbach and her team of dedicated caregivers. Their focus on each client’s individual needs is exemplary and we are proud to have Vassilina as a fellow member of The Senior’s Choice. We at The Senior’s Choice support more than 140 in-home companion care companies around the world and we take pride in the standards of excellence common among all our members. Help & Care represents the best of The Senior’s Choice because of their demonstrated integrity, commitment, and love for seniors and their families. We know that those individuals who take advantage of Help & Care’s services will experience greater peace, independence, and more quality time with their loved ones.”

– Steve Everhart, President, The Senior’s Choice

H. A. was so skilled, caring and compassionate towards our father during his last days. She is an exceptional caregiver, it was such a godsend to have her with us at this time.”

– R. W.

 “A. K. works with all her heart. We are so pleased and impressed with the outstanding care she gives our Mom.”

– J. L.

“I found S. A. to be very helpful. S. knew what I needed before even asking for it. I owe a large part of my recuperation to S.‘s care! Currently, I am able to walk better and I am driving again. I want to thank S. for all his help and care.”

– S. S.

B. S. cares for her clients like they are her family. She goes above and beyond what is required or expected. She works from the heart.”

– C. A.

“Mrs. B. wanted Help & Care to know both A.M. and C. P. are great.”

– Mrs. B.

R. R. seems to be a perfect match for J. They really have fun together! I am so pleased and I know having a weekend presence is a huge relief to the family.” 

– S. L.

 “The caregivers show compassion by not being flustered by anything. They are calm, they smile, and they joke with him a bit. It keeps him from getting anxious. They leave him alone when he wants to rest. They are very attentive at meals. They are tactful, and serve as my Dad’s manners. They refuse to be distracted.”

– W. C.

“Help & Care is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love working with S. H. and I admire her work and maturity.”

– Mrs. W.

I. L. has been a lifesaver, taking outstanding care of Grandma till she passed. She cared for her like she was her own family. I could not have had better care.” 

– J. B.

J. H. is wonderful, so proactive and nice. J. is the perfect match for me!”

– Mrs. S.

Y. W. is an outstanding caregiver, she is so genuine and kind and such a joy to have caring for my Mom. She provides the highest level of care.”

– N. G.

C. C. is very nice and sweet. She treats me very well and with respect. She’s kind to me.”

– F. R.

“The caregivers have been conscientious and arrive on time. They attend to my husband’s needs and are good about leaving things as they were found. They have positive attitude.”

– G. S.

 J. M. is an angel sent from heaven.”

– M. S.

“I would like to highly recommend C. B. She is a wonderful caregiver. She is very giving, always on time , and anyone would be fortunate to have her. My goal is to get better, and while it is bittersweet because I’ve grown to love these ladies and although I’m getting better it’s sad to see them leave.”

– C.B.

L. A. and R. C. are both PERFECT!”

– Mr. & Mrs. C.

C. A.-I. shows compassion by being very patient with my mother. My mother has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember anything. It’s helpful that the caregivers are so patient.”

– B. A.

C. P. always goes above and beyond for my mom. She does a little extra every day with clean up or driving my mom shopping.”

– J. W.

“Thank you for the excellent care you gave my father. Both L. and T. were a great help.”

– R. J.

“My husband did not get agitated while G. F. has been there. G. is very “laid back” which helps keep him calm. I was able to get out of the house for 4 hours today which felt great knowing my husband was safe and I could leave the house by myself for the first time in a long time.” 

– D. L.

Mr. R. really likes his guys, J. B. is great!”

– Mrs. R.

H. G. is an absolute gem. Help & Care should be proud to have her. She truly represents your company very well.”

– Mrs. P.

C. Van De H. is a conversationalist with the client and does a great job of just sitting and talking with him. She is very sensitive to the client’s situation and doesn’t degrade him.”

– E.C.

L. A. is proactive, personable, and on top of everything I need. I am well taken care of when L. is here.”

– Mr. C.

 C. W. is an absolute doll! My father as well as the whole family loves C.!”

– M.

“Six weeks ago, the doctors gave my father a couple of weeks to live. Because of the caregivers and their treatment with helping him to eat and drink, my father’s life has been improved. He can identify with the caregivers, and he appreciates them. The way that our caregivers handle my father shows their knowledge and ability.”  

– T. C.

“We have received a positive feedback regarding R. G.‘s care and attention to Mr. P., and whenever she is available, kindly assign her to accompany Mr. P. to his dialysis as we would love to have her working in our Community.” 

– Assisted Living Community

Y. W. is an outstanding caregiver, she is so genuine and kind and such a joy to have caring for my Mom. She provides the highest level of care.”

– N. G.

“I would like to highly recommend C. B. She is a wonderful caregiver. She is very giving, always on time , and anyone would be fortunate to have her. My goal is to get better, and while it is bittersweet because I’ve grown to love these ladies and although I’m getting better it’s sad to see them leave.”

– C.B.

“My sister and I would like to recognize A’s exceptional qualities which she has demonstrated while caring for our father.  She is one of those rare people who combines high degrees of professionalism, warmth, sincerity, competence, resourcefulness and patience. She is always very respectful of our father’s feelings and dignity, especially considering his advanced dementia. She sets a beautiful example of how to care for such a vulnerable client. Her communication with him is entirely appropriate, speaking directly to him in calm, friendly tones, which gets a smile from him and on his better days, a verbal reply.  She assists the physical therapist in walking exercises and also helps our father with hand dexterity.  A. is always helpful and very attentive, and her presence alone is reassuring.  We have also entrusted her in accompanying him to doctor’s appointments (via Belmont Village shuttle), even when neither of us is available. Doctors and medical staff have expressed how impressed and pleased they are with A. as well, and I’ve heard only very positive comments from Belmont Village staff. Even Dad’s cat agrees she’s the best! Her very fine qualities as a delightful individual and completely dependable caregiver make us aware of how fortunate we are for her to be there caring and helping our own father in this most difficult time of his life.”

– W. C. and C. O.

C. P. and C. C. are both outstanding caregivers and are dedicated to being there for their client as needed.”

– Mr. H.

“I really appreciate the dedication and love that A. O. brings to his caregiving. It truly is a special gift.”

– M. F.

R. C. has computer skills, plenty of background training, and empathy. He truly puts himself in my shoes so he can understand my point of view. I appreciate that so very much.”

– Mr. C.

R. M. is wonderful! R. is doing everything he should be doing without being asked to and he is just delightful to have around.”

– Mrs. S.

“We really so appreciated V. V.‘s steady and calm presence, combined with her excellent caregiving skills during our Mom’s last days. It really made a difference.”

– G. T.

“…P. has been caring for my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, for over a year.  It is clear that P. understands the needs of dementia patients:  his manner with my husband is very caring and very affirming. He laughs at my husband’s jokes. He will occasionally put his hand on my husband’s arm or shoulder to reassure him.   He provides stimulation as well as companionship: they discuss the news together, they do (simple) puzzles together, they play games together, they take walks together.  He is solicitous, making sure my husband has his jacket, or phone, or dark glasses – whatever is needed.  He will gently direct him as to where something is, or which way to go. He makes sure my husband gets plenty of liquids, which is important for dementia patients.  And perhaps the highest compliment:  pretty much every morning, once breakfast is over, my husband will ask hopefully if P. is coming that day.   I have learned much from watching P.  He is truly exceptional.”

– L. S.

C. A. arrived promptly and was attentive to both the needs of my 92-year-old mother and requests I had. She often found ways to help without always being prompted, and on rare occasions when we asked for changes, she quickly and cheerfully adapted. She was well-versed in your company procedures, completing her paperwork quietly to respect my mother’s request that she not feel “babysat”. I can highly recommend C. as a caregiver and wish her all the best.”

 J. & R. H.

B. S. slows down for my mother and makes sure that my mother is comfortable.”

– R. A.

“I have had H. B. coming to help my husband for the last year. She has been a lifesaver! My husband quickly grew to trust her, so I was able to leave the house and get a break for a few afternoons a week. H. would take my husband to volunteer activities, take walks with him, play board games with him, prepare his dinner. She kept him safe when he was having seizures. I could really relax and enjoy my time away when she was there. And she would tell me whenever she noticed changes in him. Sometimes she saw things I didn’t, which helped me take better care of him. I don’t think I could have kept my husband at home as long as I did without her help.” 

– J. M.

P. L. is fabulous! She is extremely professional and obviously cares about what she does. I truly appreciate her flexibility in caring for my client and I just think the world of her.”

– Geriatric Care Manager

M. G. is very demonstrative in compassion. She hugs him and teases him. When he’s down, she can cheer him up. That makes me feel great because it puts my husband in a good mood. I feel like he’s well cared for and I can leave him for long periods of time and he’d still get good care.”

– L. N.

“I was very happy with the care, all the girls were wonderful! Everyone was very caring and willing to help me in anything I needed. I spoke with A. E. several times this weekend and I think she is very sweet and patient. My husband also seems to like her and her soothing presence.”

– Mrs. M.

“The services are exactly what I expected them to be. We have a book here at our house that lists a different duties that the caregiver is able to do for us.”  

– E. S.

M. genuinely cares about her clients – it is not just a job. She has a very caring and gentle spirit, is patient, understanding, easy going and cheerful.  M.‘s career goals include working with the disabled and our elder generation, and she plans to pursue her nursing credentials.  Her background in Kinesiology, physical therapy, and nutrition give added depth to her skills, abilities, and understanding of clients’ needs and care requirements.”

T. E.