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Home Care Aide of the Month Award

Every day, at Help & Care, LLC we hear about the wonderful work Home Care Aides do for our clients and their families:

  • “Y. W. is an outstanding caregiver, she is so genuine and kind & such a joy to have her caring for my mom. She provides the highest level of care.”
  • “HCA L.A. is proactive, personable, and “on top” of everything I need. I am well taken care of when L. is here.”
  • “I would like to highly recommend C. B. She is very giving, always on time, and anyone would be fortunate to have her.”
  • “I really appreciate the dedication & love that A. O. brings to his caregiving. It truly is a special gift.”
  • “R. C. has computer skills, plenty of background training and empathy. He truly puts himself in my shoes so he can understand my point of view. I appreciate that so very much.”

We have the deepest respect and appreciation for our caregivers. In an effort to honor these dedicated people for their selfless devotion, for the great care and comfort they bring to clients, we have created our “Home Care Aide of the Month” and “Home Care Aide of the Year” awards. Each month we will honor one remarkable Home Care Aide with an award and a gift card. At the end of the calendar year, we will recognize a “Home Care Aide of the Year” with an award and a special recognition. These awards are presented to those who reflect and enact our Vision, Mission and Values, who take their dedication to caregiving to the next level. Home Care Aides of the Month possess a strong work ethic, team player mentality, dependability and flexibility on a daily basis.

Our goal is to appreciate great caregivers for the exceptional care they provide. This program creates a sense of pride and inspires our employees to strive for excellence.

Make a difference, be our Home Care Aide of the Month!

Home Care Aide of the MonthDONNA YOUNG, January 2017

Help & Care, LLC is pleased to announce that Donna Young is our Home Care Aide of the Month for January 2017. Donna has only been with our company a few months, but in this short period of time, she has proven to be very dependable and always willing to help out when we need her.

One family sent a special Thank You: “Bringing flowers or a piece of homemade cake… Donna is spending more money than she makes I guess. She is doing this out of kindness and she doesn’t expect anything in return. Everything she is doing is coming straight from her heart. My wife and Donna are like sisters. We are lucky and grateful to have Donna with us and appreciate all she does!” 

Donna takes her responsibilities very seriously and never wants to let anyone down. She does a lot of little things to make someone’s day. “They say “A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have”. This is all about our Donna. She is an incredible person and caregiver, and we are incredibly thankful for her dedication and effort. Donna has a really big heart, having her on our team makes all the difference” shares Vassilina, the Owner of Help & Care, LLC. Everyone here in the office echoes the same feelings about Donna. “Donna, please know your hard work and attention to detail isn’t going unappreciated. You are a valuable member of the Help & Care family. Thank you for all you do and never hesitating to go the extra mile” says Jennifer, Scheduler and Weekend On-Call Supervisor. “We are so lucky to have such a compassionate caregiver on our team!” comments Lindsay, Recruiting Coordinator. Sabrina, Administrative Manager, agrees, adding “Donna, your hard work is much appreciated and a great role model for others”.

Our nominee for January 2017 chose a career with our company because she knows that the position of caregiving is what is in her heart. Donna is very strong in her commitment to God, her church and her volunteering ministries. She also brings up the core way of Help & Care, LLC: “We will treat every contact as a friend, every client as family and perform every task with honor”. We are honored that God led her to our doorstep, and consequently to many doorsteps where her passion, love and patience touch so many lives! Thank You, Donna, for giving so much of yourself to your clients!!!

Home Care Aide of the Month – SHUYU HUANG, February 2017

This month Help & Care, LLC is pleased to introduce you to Shuyu Huang, our February 2017 Home Care Aide of the Month. Peter (the nickname our clients use to call him) joined our team of exceptional caregivers about a year ago and has consistently received high marks from clients. His calm caring presence, his patience, thoughtfulness and kindness have created a strong bond with client’s families as well. Peter knows how to connect. The best way to describe him is to hear it from a client whom he has been providing care for:

“I am delighted that Peter Huang is being considered for Caregiver of the Month – I cannot think of a more deserving person.  Peter has been caring for my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, for over a year.  It is clear that Peter understands the needs of dementia patients:  his manner with my husband is very caring and very affirming. He laughs at my husband’s jokes. He will occasionally put his hand on my husband’s arm or shoulder to reassure him.   He provides stimulation as well as companionship: they discuss the news together, they do (simple) puzzles together, they play games together, they take walks together.  He is solicitous, making sure my husband has his jacket, or phone, or dark glasses – whatever is needed.  He will gently direct him as to where something is, or which way to go. He makes sure my husband gets plenty of liquids, which is important for dementia patients.  And perhaps the highest compliment:  pretty much every morning, once breakfast is over, my husband will ask hopefully if Peter is coming that day.   I have learned much from watching Peter.  He is truly exceptional.”

Peter is also one of our reliable and dependable employees, and will pick up shifts if he can. We have never heard him complaining about the distance he has to drive. He is taking care of clients in San Jose, Los Altos and Saratoga. Peter is compassionate and puts his clients first. We are fortunate to have him on our team. Thank You, Peter! You are a shining example of the high standard of care that Help & Care, LLC strives to provide to every client, every day!

Home Care Aide of the Month – AYNALEM BOKU, March 2017

This month, the Help & Care, LLC Team is excited to spotlight Aynalem Boku. If you can think of any nice things to say about someone, it will apply to Aynalem. Our office staff describes her with words such as ‘awesome’, ‘sweet’, ‘dedicated’ and ‘professional’, just to name a few. Aynalem is such an amazing caregiver and is one of the most adaptable people we know. She can fit into any situation and just goes with the flow. She always has a smile and a laugh to share. The clients that she cares for just love her, which makes her schedule full all of the time.
Vassilina Breitbach, the Founder and Managing Director, shares her experience, “Aynalem has such a sweet personality and a calming presence about her that make her clients feel so comfortable. She is truly a great asset to Help & Care, LLC and to each of her clients.”
From a staffing perspective, Aynalem is very willing to accept shifts, especially with her on-going clients. She is flexible and extremely caring, loveable, but most of all she is very compassionate. Rodrigo Ramos, the Scheduling Coordinator, and Jennifer Ayala, the On-Call Supervisor, feel the same, “It’s a pleasure when we speak to her, whether on the phone or in person. One of the most caring people we have. She is compassionate and committed to her client’s well-being and is willing to help out whenever she can.” “Aynalem always steps up and takes on immediate last minute shifts. She has a positive personality with a light, shining attitude.”
Sabrina Valles, our Administrative Manager, states that “Aynalem is always so responsive when needed! She communicates so well with the office staff. Aynalem is one of the most dependable Home Care Aides we have.”
Mustafa Mojadidi, our Hiring Manager and the newest member of our team agrees, saying “Aynalem is one you can always count on. She goes above and beyond for her clients. If Help & Care, LLC could clone Aynalem, they would.”
“We appreciate all your hardwork that you’ve done for the company and your clients. You’re always on top of your stuff and your clients adore you. We are grateful to have you with us and hoping for more time. Thank you and congrats!”, says Jessica Williams, our Office Administrator.
“You are a true example of an outstanding caregiver and we are thankful to have you continue to be a part of our
adds Markus Breitbach, the CEO.
Thank You, Aynalem, for brightening our world with your presence! You are a true gem! Congratulations!!!

 Home Care Aide of the Month – ARISBET CARDENAS, April 2017

Our Home Care Aide of the Month for April 2017 is an amazing young lady, who leaves nothing but sweet energy and love in her wake. Arisbet Cardenas is adored by everyone she meets. She is kind, dependable, responsible, and is always upbeat with a smile. Arisbet is in tune with her client’s needs and is always willing to help out. She is currently with several ongoing clients on a regular basis and is invaluable to each and every one. Clients provide positive feedback on Arisbet’s work.
One of her client’s daughters shares the experience, “My sister and I would like to recognize Arisbet’s exceptional qualities which she has demonstrated while caring for our father.  She is one of those rare people who combines high degrees of professionalism, warmth, sincerity, competence, resourcefulness and patience. She is always very respectful of our father’s feelings and dignity, especially considering his advanced dementia. She sets a beautiful example of how to care for such a vulnerable client. Her communication with him is entirely appropriate, speaking directly to him in calm, friendly tones, which gets a smile from him and on his better days, a verbal reply.  She assists the physical therapist in walking exercises and also helps our father with hand dexterity.  Arisbet is always helpful and very attentive, and her presence alone is reassuring.  We have also entrusted her in accompanying him to doctor’s appointments (via Belmont Village shuttle), even when neither of us is available. Doctors and medical staff have expressed how impressed and pleased they are with Arisbet as well, and I’ve heard only very positive comments from Belmont Village staff. Even Dad’s cat agrees she’s the best! Her very fine qualities as a delightful individual and completely dependable caregiver make us aware of how fortunate we are for her to be there caring and helping our own father in this most difficult time of his life.  We are so happy that she will receive very well-deserved recognition.”
We are privileged and proud as well to have such an awesome lady taking such good care of our clients. Arisbet is also great about accepting shifts, even at the last minute, which is so greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Arisbet, for being such an awesome part of our team!

 Home Care Aide of the Month – MONSERRAT GARCIA, May 2017

We are always excited to introduce another member of our hardworking caregiver team. This month, meet Monserrat Garcia. Monserrat was nominated as our May 2017 Home Care Aide of the Month! Her journey as a caregiver began years ago when she cared for her grandmother. Monserrat is our longtime employee. She has recently celebrated her third anniversary with us and (thankfully) she doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Monsi (nickname) is extremely flexible and caring, sweet and loveable, but most of all she is very compassionate. She has a positive personality with a light, shining attitude. Monserrat always has a smile to share with everyone she meets.

Rodrigo, our Staff Coordinator, works closely with her. “Monsi is the perfect caregiver of the month. She is professional and truly has a caregiver’s heart. She is one of those home care aides that you never have to worry if the client is being cared for. She always keeps me updated on the client’s conditions as well as any concerns. Monserrat is very cooperative and is diligent in her work schedule. She is currently working seven days a week, accepting different clients and short shifts. She helps cover shifts in times of need, even when she already has plans. Thank you so much Monsi for representing our company so proudly!”

Jennifer, the On-Call Supervisor, agrees saying, “Monserrat is amazing! She takes on last minute emergency shifts without complaint, including very short shifts, and gives 150% to everyone. She is always there when we need her.”

We truly appreciate her devotion to providing the highest caliber of care to our clients and commitment to changing the way the world ages. Vassilina, the Managing Director, shares, “Monserrat is a warm, reliable, kind and friendly person. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and never wants to let anyone down. She completes care tasks with a positive energy and a smile on her face that makes her clients and families feel comfortable with her presence. Monsi is a pleasure to work with and her “can do” attitude makes us proud to have her on our team”.

We salute you, Monserrat! Congratulations once again for winning our Home Care Aide of the Month award and Happy Anniversary!

We all hope that Monsi will be with us much longer than another 3 years!

 Home Care Aide of the Month – BRANDY AZBILL, June 2017

This month, Help & Care, LLC has chosen to highlight Brandy Azbill as our Home Care Aide of the Month. “Our Home Care Aide of the Month for June 2017 was an obvious choice. Brandy joined our team in October last year. The day we hired her she was a true blessing. From the start, her heart was so passionate, she was craving to care for our clients,” states Vassilina, our Managing Director. “Brandy goes way above and beyond to make her clients feel loved, secure and valued. She is genuine in her care for each and every client she is with and has a very positive approach to anything that is asked of her. Brandy has this never-ending smile and is always upbeat.

Our Staffing team, Jennifer and Rodrigo, both agree, “Brandy is an extremely caring and kind individual. She is very attentive to her clients’ needs and comforts and is always professional in her relationships. Her clients love her! She is not afraid of hard work and she gives her best every day.”

Brandy is our “Universal Caregiver.” It means she can take on any client, no matter the challenge, and turn the day into something good. “She is a tough cookie,” states Markus, the CEO.

Brandy is the model caregiver – someone who is compassionate, trustworthy, reliable and diligent. She is a valuable member of Help & Care team and she goes the extra mile in everything that she does. Brandy puts the “care” in caregiver,” comments Sabrina, our Administrative Manager.

Brandy is blessed with a daughter and a son. Between working many hours per week and spending time with her family, she has a very busy schedule, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a company, one of our goals is to make a difference in the lives we touch. We are proud to have Brandy as one of those “difference-makers.” Way-To-Go-Brandy!

Home Care Aide of the Month – CAROLINA ARAMBURO-IBARRA, July 2017

When trying to find the right words to describe our July Home Care Aide of the Month, Carolina, words such as “caring”, “reliable’, “great”, “experienced”, “kind” just drops in the bucket. From Vassilina, our Managing Director, “Carolina always has a positive attitude for every client she goes to. She is kind of like a breath of fresh air.”

“Carolina is an amazing Home Care Aide and even more, an amazing person. She is the person that you can always count on to be at her shifts,” says Rodrigo, our Staffing Coordinator. Jennifer, the On-Call Supervisor, echoes this feeling, adding that “Carolina is a caregiver with great heart and passion. This is well deserved. She has been with us a long time and has helped so many clients. Sometimes very difficult or different, but she found a way to make it work and we appreciate that!”

Carolina is a warm and nurturing Home Care Aide that makes her clients and families feel comfortable with her presence.

Some of her clients share the experience:

Carolina shows compassion by being very patient with my mother. My mother has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember anything. It’s helpful that the caregivers are so patient.”

“Carolina arrived promptly and was attentive to both the needs of my 92-year-old mother and requests I had. She often found ways to help without always being prompted, and on rare occasions when we asked for changes, she quickly and cheerfully adapted. She was well-versed in your company procedures, completing her paperwork quietly to respect my mother’s request that she not feel “babysat”. I can highly recommend Carolina as a caregiver and wish her all the best.”

“Carolina translates to CARE, she is always there to help and you know she genuinely cares. She is always looking for ways to help even when not asked or needed. Carolina has become an integral part of our home and are very thankful for all she does.”

Carolina has a very busy schedule, but when off from work, she takes care of her grandmother. She is a proud mother to her 12 year old daughter.

We want to thank Carolina for her passion in delivering compassionate and loving care to our clients. She truly exemplifies what it means to “Live Help & Care”.

Home Care Aide of the Month – AMARJEET BRAR, August 2017

Say hello to our August Home Care Aide of the Month, Amarjeet Brar!

Amarjeet is one of our new hires this year. Within a few months she has proven that she has what it takes to be a caregiver of the month. Amarjeet simply loves to take care of people of all ages. She is compassionate, reliable and very dependable. She is always on time and returns our calls promptly. Amarjeet covers shifts with enthusiasm and is grateful with every given opportunity to work with seniors. She is flexible and cooperative. Even though she has a full schedule with her major clients, she still picks up open shifts, as well as last minute ones very often. Her every day goal is to make a difference in each of her clients’ lives.

“From the moment I read her application, I knew she would be an awesome, caring and dedicated home care aide,” states Mustafa, our Recruitment Coordinator. “Amerjeet goes way above and beyond to make her clients feel loved, secure and valued. Her heart is made of pure love.” Jennifer, our Weekend and On-Call Supervisor says with passion, “Amarjeet is always willing to help out within her availability. She is genuine in her care for each and every client she is with and always has a very positive approach to anything that is asked of her. Great job, Amarjeet!”

Amarjeet is very passionate about her job. She makes sure that all her clients are served well by assuring them of their safety, making their daily activities easier and better and giving them extra attention. In return, her clients, even the challenging ones, listen and cooperate with her. Her presence gives them calmness and joy as soon as she enters their homes. Her clients are happy and their family members cannot thank her enough.

Amarjeet, thanks a lot for being a wonderful caregiver, truly, we are blessed to have you! Congratulations once again!!!

Home Care Aide of the Month – TERESA LOPEZ, September 2017

Our Home Care Aide of the Month for September, Teresa Lopez, came to Help & Care, LLC in February 2016. She has such a naturally beautiful heart that we feel that there is no other place she should be.

Teresa is sweet, very calm and caring. “From the first moment I met her, she has had this sense of calmness about her, her voice is so soothing,” shares Vassilina, our Managing Director. “Her calm demeanor brings comfort and security when her clients are confused and nervous, while her kind and friendly personality makes them excited to see her as soon she arrives at their doorstep.”

She is reliable, always on time, calls in her hours regularly and does really well in updating us whenever there is a change with her clients’ conditions. She covers long shifts especially when we are in a bind.

Teresa always gives her best by working with us and listening to suggestions. She would never give up trying,” says Rodrigo, the Scheduling Coordinator. Jennifer, the Weekend and On-Call Supervisor, heartily agrees, “She has been assigned to care for a very challenging client and has shown grace, patience and perseverance. Teresa is wonderful and can be counted on any time of the day or night. She shows compassion for her clients and goes above and beyond.”

Our Administrative Manager, Sabrina, describes Teresa, “She is patient, understanding and always there when it really counts. She is always there for her clients no matter what she may be going through. She is such an awesome person to work with. Teresa, thank you for everything you do, you are truly a rare jewel to have!”

Teresa is a great caregiver and person. She is very respectful and grateful in all she does. Thank you for doing an outstanding work on a consistent basis. Help & Care, LLC is lucky to have such a star on their team!