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Is Overnight Care Something Your Senior May Need?

Your elderly family member may need help more often at specific times of the day, but it’s far more typical, as her needs change, that she may need assistance at all sorts of times. If that’s what is happening for your elderly family member right now, it might be time to consider overnight care from home care services. Here are just a few ways overnight care can make a difference in your senior’s comfort and quality of life.

Help with Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living can start to get complicated for your senior gradually. Eventually, she may find that the simplest things, like getting out of bed and preparing meals, become more than she bargained for. Having home care providers to help can make a huge difference for her. Your elderly family member has the assistance she needs with daily activities, without having to wear herself out or feel embarrassed. All of that is important for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Assist with Insomnia

So many seniors have a tough time getting to sleep and then staying asleep once they get there. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, then home care can be a huge help. Caregivers are there when your senior wakes up, and they can help her adjust her schedule during the day. Having a strong routine during the day can help with sleep issues.

Offer Companionship

Companionship is far more important than many seniors and even family caregivers realize. Your elderly family member may find it more difficult than ever to socialize as she used to. Having home care providers with her helps your aging family member spend time with other people and get the companionship she needs.

Help with Fall Prevention

Falls are always a big concern for your aging adult, but that concern can get compounded overnight. If your elderly family member wakes up often or has more difficulty getting around in the middle of the night, she may be more likely to fall. Home care providers can help reduce your senior’s fall risk, helping her stay much safer.

Provide Respite Care

It’s so difficult to be a family caregiver all day and all night. You need to rest at some point, as well as take days away when you need to do so. Having some help from around-the-clock caregivers ensures that you’re able to take respite time when you need it. Without that help, it’s impossible to meet your needs, as well as your senior’s needs. Something ends up having to give in that situation, and usually ends up being the family caregiver.

Having home care providers with your elderly family member at all hours of the day can help her feel safer and more secure. It also helps you feel more comfortable knowing that your senior is in good hands.

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